So what’s involved in getting some custom hats made, you say?

It’s really quite simple. Our embroidery service gives you two quick options, text-only designs and image/shape designs.

Let’s say you own an ice cream shop and you would like your staff to wear baseball caps with your company logo on them in the summer to keep their hair in check. This would be considered an image/shape design. You would first head over to our Products page and choose the hat style and colour you would like, then you would send us an email to with the style number and hat colour you’ve chosen and attach your logo file. We’ll get back to you within a few hours (during business hours) to discuss any details required in your order and how to proceed. This option involves getting your logo digitized. That’s just a fancy word for converting it into an embroidery file. Embroidery files are completely different than print files because they include stitch direction and stitch count. When everything’s good, we’ll embroider your hats and give you a call or email.

When it comes to the text-only design, we’ll type out what you would like to say in our embroidery software, using the special embroidery fonts we have. You can check out the embroidery fonts on our Fonts page to see what’s available. If you have a very specific font you require that isn’t in our list, we will have to find that font and have the words you want digitized in the same manner we would do with shapes or logos. If the fonts are in our system, there is no need for digitizing. We also have a font book stitched out in our showroom, if you would like to come in and see the fonts stitched. Once you’ve chosen a font and know what colour you want, you can head over to the Products page, just as you would for an image/shape design and send us an email with the style number and colour you would like.

We primarily use the popular Flexfit hats and they come in two size options: S/M (small/medium) and L/XL (large/xlarge). Let us know in your email the size preference as well.

We look forward to helping you create your hats!

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