Customizable Prints

You mean we can bring in our own design, make changes and print as few as one t-shirt?

Yes you can! AND, you can do other things like print t-shirts or hoodies for your staff with your company logo and each staff member’s name and/or title on them, at no extra charge. Where else will you find this level of flexibility?

Printing your t-shirts with us gives you access to our in-house designers. We have talented designers available to help you make minor changes to an existing design you have, or even try to blend two designs together. We also have an extensive stock of pre-existing designs to choose from. We care about the quality of the image we print and require, on occasion, to modify a design slightly to ensure our printer produces the desired image.

Come in and see us! We’ll show you some of the great things you can do. We’re located at 5534 1A Street SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0E7.

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